Primitive Overflow

Primitive Overflow presents an exciting new progressive rock album featuring Donnie Vie, singer/songwriter of the 80s MTV era band Enuff Z’ Nuff. “Honor Way Down” features progressive cuts with power pop hooks that both sound current and evoke the early progressive scene, when rock & roll was a very spiritual matter.

Primitive Overflow is the brainchild of Hoyt Binder, a Los Angeles based guitarist/songwriter with a passion for deep music.  Inspired by “The Creative,” he creates music for the sake of music. With influences ranging from 20th Century composers to jazz, rock, metal, funk, pop and folk, he aspired to write an album with no boundaries. Everything melds into the progressive melting pot that is Primitive Overflow. The end result is a unique sound, integrating progressive rock with catchy pop vocals, dripping with melody.

This album’s progressive shoes were fulfilled by the powerhouse of Paulo Gustavo on bass and Chris Quirarte (Redemption) on drums with the brilliant Ronald Van Deurzen on keyboards. Even in the most complex passages, the band manages to keep a rough, organic vibe that keeps the music true to its rock roots. All virtuosos in their own right, the band raised the bar, highlighting the need for a high profile singer to make this album come to life. Primitive Overflow became a reality when Hoyt was recording an album with his wife and ran into one of his idols, singer/songwriter Donnie Vie.

Hoyt and Donnie worked together in studios across Hollywood to write memorable songs that would stand the test of time. The songs portray themes of love and belief, even when taking the “Honor Way Down.”  Donnie provided the “Primitive,” or human perspective that recalls the sincerity of John Lennon, whereas Hoyt provided the “Overflow” or need to reach beyond the realm of rock recalling 1960’s innovators such as Brian Wilson to present. Together they created Primitive Overflow, rock & roll that holds on, leaps and overreaches, but always cuts to the heart.

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