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Saskia “One Heart” (2007)


Saskia’s debut album “One Heart” was written with a sound boldy written around her voice. The music is a mix of everything under the sun from prog, pop, rock, jazz and classical ideas with soaring commercially melodic vocals being at the center. Whether you like catchy choruses or new and original instrumental passages, “One Heart” will overwhelm you with one enduring element, melody. She embraces these melodies with lyrics about past expriences, the beauty and pain of love and an insatiable passion for life.

Saskia and I play live around the Los Angeles area and are working on our second album which will be progressive and conceptual while remaining a truly organic rock experience with earthy folk influences that is sure to break new ground.

Primitive Overflow “Honor Way Down” (2012 ProgRock Records)

Primitve Overflow is my progressive rock band with Donnie Vie (Enuff Z’ Nuff). Collaborating with Donnie was a dream come true and we are working on a follow up in the form of a rock opera based on one of Donnie’s ideas. It has been along time coming and when we finally finish it, it’ll surely be our “Smile”….

Lobate Scarp (2012)

I played live with local prog band Lobate Scarp for a few years and recorded guitar on their debut album, “Time And Space” which you can hear at www.lobatescarp.com

Hoyt Binder “Prayrie Go Round” (Featuring Toss Panos) (2013)


This is my debut jazz-fusion album featuring Toss Panos on drums, Paulo Gustavo on bass and Trevor Lloyd on violin. I’ll be playing some shows this year with Trevor Lloyd where we’ll play songs from Prayrie Go Round as well as his songs and I’m looking forward to collaborating more with Trevor. I have a second album written and am looking forward to the time when I can record it as it has elements of Native America music and folk which have influenced me greatly over the last few years.

Donnie Vie “The White Album” (2014)


I played some solos and additional guitar on Donnie’s new album and it was surreal to once again collaborate with him.

Pain Love n’ War (2016 Rock Avenue Records)


PLW is my modern rock band formed with producer Ron Magee. It is heavy, commercial and has elements of electronica.

Wounaan Ethnomusicology Project

I grew up in Panama where my parents worked closely with the Wounaan Tribe. I’m working on a project that’ll use there music and bring it into a modern context. More to come as it progresses….

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